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Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping (VSM) serves as a critical tool during the assessment process and can reveal substantial opportunities to reduce costs, enhance production flow, save time, reduce inventory, and improve environmental performance.

The assessment team including individuals from New Mexico State University, the New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Centers (TMAC), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s El Paso Border Office, leads a collaborative effort to create a current state VSM of the identified product or process line. The map examines areas that offer the greatest potential improvements such as inventory, inputs, outputs, wastes, non-value-added steps, worker safety issues, energy consumption, bottlenecks and rework.

Once the current state VSM is completed, the assessment team then creates a future state map of the identified product or process line that includes lean and green improvement recommendations made by the group. The team assumes a future state map is not limited by capital restraints, representing a fully optimized line in its ideal state.