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Energy Efficiency

Practicing energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for reducing costs and protecting the environment. The Office of Outreach and Recruitment in the College of Engineering provides on-site environmental and energy-efficiency assessments for businesses.  These assessments are focused on reducing environmental and energy use and related costs, as well as promoting the installation of renewable energy sources, where applicable. 


Importance of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency reduces both financial costs and environmental costs. Energy efficiency protects the environment by conserving and protecting natural resources while strengthening economic growth through more efficient energy uses. 


Energy Efficiency Assessments

Energy Efficiency Assessments connect agencies and organizations in local communities and small and medium-sized manufacturers with experts from federal agencies, states, and regions to:

  • help reduce energy consumption

  • minimize carbon footprints

  • prevent pollution

  • increase productivity

  • drive innovation

When manufacturers, communities, and utilities collaborate, the benefits reach far beyond manufacturers’ production lines.