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Corporate Sponsor Levels

All sponsors receive company name and logo recognition on the event website and signage at the event. Please hover over each sponsorship level to see more details and click to contact us for more information. If on mobile, please click here for the sponsorship level details. 

Individual Sponsorships


Lunch for a BEST Student | $10 

Most of us spend $10 on lunch and without blinking an eye. Why not skip lunch one day and donate that $10 to the education of a future scientist, engineer or mathematician?

A Weeks Worth of Lunch | $50

Spending $10 for lunch is not uncommon for many of us. Why not skip lunch this week and donate your lunch money to inspire a student to study engineering, science and technology.

One Students Participation | $100 

The average cost per participating student in the BEST Robotics program is less than $100. Your gift of $100 ensures that one more student can enjoy an incredible hands-on learning opportunity.

One Teams Consumable Kit | $350

Each team receives a kit of consumable raw materials such as plywood, pvc, metals and plastics, miscellaneous hardware and electrical items, etc., which they use to make their robot. This "consumable kit" costs about $350. Your gift enables one team to have the raw materials needed to build their robot.

One Team's Robotics Control System | $600

Each team receives a robot control system that provides the basic programming, radio control and motor/servo control for their robot.  We reuse these control system kits year after year to keep our costs low.  This "returnable kit" costs a hub about $600 per team and is expected to last at least 3 years. Your gift enables one team to have the control system needed to build their robot.

One Team Sponsorship | $1000

The average annual cost for a hub to host a BEST contest is about $1000 per participating team.  Your donation would provide the money needed for consumable kit, robot control system, event materials/printing costs, etc. for one team’s participation.